Mom-of-3 Turns Bigotry into a Beat With Offensive Anti-Transgender Rap

Rap and hip-hop have always been about dropping sick rhymes exploring culture, politics, inequality, and issues that affect not only the black community, but the entire world. Too bad this mom from Alberta, Canada, didn't get the message that not only are her phat beats not so phat, but she also comes across pretty bigoty (no bigoty, no doubt) while rapping about transgender kids using school restrooms. 


I can pretty much promise that "Gender Bender" will be the worst rap song you hear all day your life. The mom was inspired to create her jam after Alberta's schools changed their restroom policies in order to foster a safe and inclusive learning environment for kids. 

In January of this year, Alberta's education minister David Eggen released guidelines for the school system to implement a welcome, safe, respectful, and caring environment for both LGBTI students and staff. Part of this means both students and staff are able to use restrooms they feel are congruent to their gender identity -- which inspired the horrific earworm you have above.

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The mom raps about how "if we can't address male and female, we've lost our purpose in life, we fail" and then asks other citizens to seize the day, while proving that she knows absolutely nothing about science. Ugh. She continues, "My heart goes to the fatherless and abused, and I guess that’s why we have some confused." Um, so it's not just the bathroom issue for her. It's the entire concept of gender identity. Double ugh.

Not only is that terrible on a human rights level, but I also feel bad for her three kids, who are probably currently hiding under their beds in shame because not only is their mom a bigoted pearl-clutcher, but she also felt the need to rap on the Internet about it. 


Image via Lady Fingers / YouTube 

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