This Is All The Proof You Need That Prejudice Exists -- Yes, Even in 2016 (PHOTOS)

Abodo's infographic on womenMany have lived comfortably either in an ignorant bubble of bliss or with an unwillingness to acknowledge what is going on in America. However, given the recent acts of blatant discrimination that have surfaced over the past couple of years, it has become difficult to ignore and/or deny such a truth. And quite frankly, you're sadly mistaken if you think white supremacy and privilege are nonexistent. But don't take my word for it. This study conducted by Abodo is all the proof you need.


While some of the results weren't all that surprising, others were both shocking and disappointing -- a sad reality that many are just now awakening to: the reality that discrimination is still very real and not some thing of the past.

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While some states weren't worthy of so much as eyelash bat, other cities and states you may have assumed were a bit more open-minded offered a startling surprise.

I think it's common knowledge that the South hasn't really shaken its bad rep of discrimination and oppression, mostly because, well, there is still some truth to it. So, it didn't come as much of a surprise when we discovered the following:

Overall deregotory language infographic

Oh and it gets better, as they analyzed tweets using derogatory language against women, with a focus on "bitch." (Psst, they aren't referring to dogs):

Sexist Slurs inforgraphic

Yet again, Louisiana took the cake, ranked first as the most "sexist charged."

In fact, in 2013, the Huffington Post named Louisiana the worst state for women ... eck! However, the study found that when the term "bitch" was excluded, Nevada came out ahead largely in part because of its major adult entertainment industry. Plus, there may have been a surplus of derogatory tweets against Hillary Clinton, who should probably plan on not winning that state in the general election.

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The study also specifically looked at racial slurs and found:

Twitter infographic

I found myself weirdly shocked by these results. Yes, I'm aware of racial tension everywhere, but I suppose my own ignorance led me to believe that a city highly populated with black people can't be all that anti-black.

And the closer the state got to the southern border of the country, the more likely you were to read a tweet spewing nasty slurs against Hispanic people and Latinos.

Twitter infographic

Lastly, we found out just how accepting certain cities were of homosexuality:

Twitter infographic

Sadly, because the movement for gay rights is the youngest in the fight for equality, I think part of me had low expectations for these cities and many others. I mean, I just remember the disgusting comments made after the SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage.

For those of you who still can't believe that discrimination is just as prevalent as ever, you may be a part of the problem -- numbers don't tell a lie. While I truly do believe prejudices can sometimes be innocent and out of ignorance, let this be an indication that it's time to become informed in order to change this -- after all, it is 2016.


Image via Abodo

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