Sexist Media Tells Hillary Clinton to Smile (& We Say Back the Hell Off)

Hillary Clinton had a killer night during the second Super Tuesday -- she took Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio, and jumped a few hundred delegates ahead of Sanders in the primaries. Meanwhile, TV cable news's biggest bro and cohost of Morning Joe on NBC, Joe Scarborough, also had a big night flinging casual sexism her way in the form of an enormously offensive tweet.


Here's what he said:

Slap a "sweet cakes" to the end of that, and you got yourself the full package, amirght, ladies?

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And Scarborough wasn't the only one. Fox News's Brit Hume, Howard Kurtz, and Dana Perino also joined in with their helpful commentary:

This is not the most offensive thing Clinton has had to deal with in her long run in politics by any measure, but it's these small twists of language that add up and deal the most damage, especially when they come from bigs names and faces in media.

With his tweet, Scarborough is implying that Clinton, graduate of Yale Law School, former secretary of state, and potential president of the United States, is not smart enough to understand her own emotions and express them as she sees fit.

If this isn't internalized sexism, why didn't he tell Trump to smile more, too?

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On the day my grandfather died, a man stopped me on the street to tell me that I'd be prettier if I smiled. I almost punched him. Do men like this not comprehend that women can have complex emotions? Do you not believe that we have depth and a killer right hook? Do you not think that we exist for any reason except to look pretty for you?

I don't think this is what Scarborough was thinking -- or even saying -- when he tweeted this. But we all need to be more careful with our language, and King Bro Joe Scarborough needs to be more aware of the weight behind his words.

Everyone else needs to leave Clinton the hell alone. If she's excited and wants to shout, so be it. If you want to talk about her policies and plans, we can talk. But otherwise, go away.

Also, stop subtweeting. You look prettier when you don't.


Image via Porter Gifford/Corbis

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