Ad Mocks Plus-Size Women & This Plus-Size Designer's Response Is Everything (PHOTOS)

plus-sized shamingWhen one retailer chose to mock plus-sized women in an ad, Christina Ashman, the designer behind the label Interrobang, pointed out its insult in a way that's garnered generous amounts of praise from women everywhere.


Clothing website Wish must have thought it would be a fun idea to have an ultra-tiny model fit both her legs into one side of a pair of plus-sized leather shorts, basically poking fun at anyone who dares to require a larger size and a bit more material.

Ashman, who has clearly had it with clothing marketers directing all their efforts toward those who wear a size 6 or smaller, pointed out the ridiculousness of the ad by creating her own.

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Her reaction and response to the ad has won her plenty of new fans who applaud her efforts and agree that enough is enough!

According to her company's Facebook page, Ashman says she likes "to make something which is relatively simple so the fabric can speak for itself. I like to use brightly coloured, child-like patterns -- my favourite is The Very Hungry Caterpillar."

Obviously, you have to be way out of line for someone who admires the work of Eric Carle to call you out and give you the finger. Just sayin'.

While her ad has gotten plenty of attention, let's hope it's fashion marketers who really take notice. 


Images via, Interrobang Art & Fashion/Facebook

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