New Ad Nails Exactly What Donald Trump Thinks About Us as Moms & Women (VIDEO)

trump video womenHere's a question for the ladies out there: Would you vote for a candidate who called women fat pigs, bimbos, and dogs? Because if you're voting for Donald Trump, that's exactly what you're doing -- as a new and very disturbing video reminds us. The clip features women reading actual, extremely misogynistic quotes from the Donald, and if you weren't already worried about the Republican front-runner's backward views on gender equality, well, you will be after watching this!


The super PAC Our Principles has been running the ad in certain states ahead of today's primaries in an attempt to reveal Trump's true feelings about women -- and it accomplishes that in spades. Check it out:


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In a word: Yikes. From Carly Fiorina's face to Princess Diana's supposed craziness, Trump clearly feels entitled to make cruel, unwarranted comments about any and every characteristic of any and every woman. And it seems reasonable to assume that that's a habit he's not going to break anytime soon; in fact, Trump would most likely only become more outspoken in his intolerance if he actually got elected. So how could any woman actually vote for a man who considers her gender to be dispensable at best?? 

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It's painfully obvious that women's health and rights would not be a high priority for Trump as president -- and that's putting it mildly. And considering that women in this country still have a long way to go in terms of being treated equally -- from our reproductive rights being under attack to a lack of paid maternity leave to the ever-present wage gap -- that's a pretty horrifying thought. As women, we need a leader who's willing to go to bat for us, not a leader who doesn't want us to speak our minds or even show our faces if we don't qualify as a perfect 10 (in Trump's book, at least). 

But hey, what do I know? I'm just a bimbo who should stick to taking care of my kids and nothing else. (Spoiler alert: That's what Trump thinks you are too.) 


Image via Our Principles PAC/YouTube 

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