7 Moments of Blatant Sexism That Took Place More Recently Than You Think (PHOTOS)

7 Moments of Blatant Sexism That Took Place More Recently Than You Think (PHOTOS)

Misogyny is apparently still alive and well in the world, as women continue to be treated differently than men. Of course women have come a long, long way since the days it was illegal to wear pants ... or have we?

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Here are seven examples of blatant sexism that took place way more recently than you think.


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  • Bad Housekeeping


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    A husband had his wife arrested for failing to cook and clean for him properly. Certainly sounds archaic, but what year did it actually happen?

  • 2016


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    In February 2016, an Italian man had his wife arrested for mistreatment of the family, because she didn't cook or clean to his satisfaction. I guess he's going to be left cleaning up after himself after all.

  • WTF?


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    In Logan, Utah, women couldn't legally cuss until ...

  • Current


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    Let's hope that the fairer sex doesn't do much driving, because I'm pretty sure road rage and cursing go hand-in-hand. It's still technically illegal for women to cuss in Logan, Utah.

  • Ban on Pants


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    One lawmaker fought hard to keep women from wearing pants in public. What year did this indecency occur?

  • 2015


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    Republican David Moore introduced legislation to ban women from wearing yoga pants in public in 2015. He also wanted to keep anyone from wearing Speedos, which actually sounds like a pretty decent idea in the scheme of things.

  • Getting Remarried


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    Divorce sucks, but until this year, Japanese women had to wait six months after the divorce decree before getting married -- but men didn't have to wait at all.

  • 2016


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    The craziest part is that women still have to wait 100 days (at least it's not six months?) before getting remarried ... men still don't have a waiting period.

  • 8-Year-Old Unable to Divorce


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    Thanks to a lack of age requirements for getting married, an 8-year-old girl was wed to a 58-year-old man. What year was she denied a request for a divorce?

  • 2008


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    The Saudi Arabian girl was married off by her father, and the court denied her mom's request for a divorce until the child reach puberty.

  • Warrior Women


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    Starting at the Revolution, women were allowed in the military as cooks, nurses, and other domestic servants ... what year were females finally allowed to serve in any capacity that a man can?

  • 2016


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    In January 2016, the Defense Department lifted gender-based restrictions for women in combat. Because why should the boys have all the fun?

  • Rape-Rape


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    Consent is a hot-button issue right now, but it obviously means different things to different people. What year were rape charges against a high school football player dropped because his victim changed her mind about having sex with him?

  • 2010


    Image via © Yiannis Kourtoglou/Demotix/Corbis

    Thanks to a North Carolina law, it isn't considered "rape" if the victim gives their initial consent to the act, and then changes their mind, even if they're being hurt. Come on, North Carolina -- get it together.


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