More Than 50 Celebs Unite to Give Classrooms in Need Their #BestSchoolDay

There's no doubt that a lot of schools in our nation struggle to get the resources they need in order to teach kids the best they possibly can. Teachers regularly dip into their own pockets to fund classroom needs, and even then, it's a drop in the bucket. But thanks to and some generous celebrities, students across the country are having the #BestSchoolDay ever.


Stephen Colbert announced the #BestSchoolDay effort on Thursday, telling CBS This Morning that 58 celebrities, athletes, business executives, and other philanthropists were flash funding over $14 million to 11,000 projects all over the country.

Stars like Anna Kendrick, Ashton Kutcher, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, and Serena Williams joined dozens of others (including Bill and Melinda Gates, natch) to donate to The organization allows educators to set set up an online fund-a-need, and anyone can donate.

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Colbert told the morning show, "#BestSchoolDay is probably the best thing I've ever been involved in ... It's my favorite charity because teachers in classrooms all around the country can put up any project they want to teach their children or help their kids with but they don't have the funds for."

Colbert's been on the board since 2009, and made headlines when he auctioned off his iconic anchor desk and fireplace hearth after The Colbert Report wrapped last December and donated $800,000 to the schools in his home state of South Carolina.

What I love about this project is that it gets down to the classroom level and allows teachers to ask for what they need in order to give their students the best learning experience possible. Because of that, people are likely more willing to give, because they know exactly where their donation is going.

I took a quick look at what the schools in my area need, and there are so many different requests. One classroom needs more art supplies. Another wants to build the class library. A middle school is asking for a MacBook so that students can create and edit a school news broadcast.

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These are all fabulous ways to enrich our students' learning environments -- and they're all different. Just like every student is unique, every classroom and every school is too. There's no better way to help people than to listen to what they need, and then try to provide that for them.

Kudos to Stephen Colbert for bringing this to national attention, and to all the big names who helped flash fund it. You can help too -- just go to, search for a particular school or area, and see what needs funding.


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