The 'Brawny' Man Got a Feminist Makeover -- Here Are 5 Other Brand Mascots Who Need One, Too

The Brawny Man -- that rugged symbol of mustached, flannel-clad, tough-on-mess hypermasculinity -- just got an awesome feminist makeover on the Brawny site. Because #StrengthHasNoGender


The campaign features four different women sharing their truly empowering stories -- Linda Alvarado (CEO of Alvarado Construction and first Latina owner of a Major League Baseball team); firefighter Maureen Stoecklein; president of Morehouse School of Medicine Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice; and WNBA champion Swin Cash.

As awesome as this campaign is, we got to thinking: Why stop at Brawny? Why not take other iconic male brand mascots and make them women too? Here's how we see them.

The Jolly Green Giant 

Ho Ho Ho! Who says that you need to be a boy to live deep in the valley of the Jolly Green Giant? Women are just as capable at plucking delicious Brussels sprouts and fresh green peas and then packaging them and shipping them directly to your grocer's freezer. 

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Mrs. Clean 

Do you know what Mr. Clean does? Cleans toilets and bathtubs and floors and makes those awesome Magic Erasers every mom buys in bulk to deal with crayon marks and fingerprints on walls. It actually makes zero sense that this brand mascot is a dude. Hence, Mrs. Clean.

The Dos Equis Dudette

Because you totally don't need a penis to enjoy beer, duh. "The Most Interesting Man in the World" could easily be the most interesting woman. The Dos Equis man is basically screaming, "I don't always play into advertising stereotypes, but when I do, I do it while drinking Dos Equis." 

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The Gorton's Fisherwoman

"Trust the Gorton's fisherman" is this brand's slogan -- but you know who I don't trust to sell me fish? Some weird old dude who has been sailing the high seas for who knows how long and wearing the same crusty yellow raincoat. I would rather be sold fish from a happy fresh-faced lady who has no facial hair filled with barnacles. 

And to be fair and inclusive, instead of the Pine-Sol lady we now have ...

The Pine-Sol Gentleman  

Diane Amos, awesome as she is, has been playing this role for 20 years! Maybe it's time we let her have a bigger acting career and let a man sell us cleaner with the fresh smell of pine!


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