Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Adoption Is a Win for Everyone -- Especially the Kids

The Supreme Court unanimously voted to overturn an Alabama ruling on same-sex adoption, which would have denied parental rights to the non-biological mother in a lesbian couple who eventually split up. You know who I think really wins the day? Those kids.


A lesbian couple, known only as V.L. and E.L. in court documents, have been engaged in a bitter custody dispute over their three children, and thanks to the Supreme Court ruling, they'll both still get to act as parents in their lives.

The couple was in a committed relationship for close to 17 years, and during 2002–2004 E.L. gave birth to their three children. Because of gay rights laws at the time, the couple established temporary residency in Georgia in order for V.L. to adopt the children.

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Fast forward several years to their breakup, and it must have been ugly, because E.L. claimed that V.L. didn't have any parental rights to their kids. Alabama agreed, and said that the Georgia adoption couldn't be upheld.

On Monday, the Supreme Court decided, "A state may not disregard the judgment of a sister state because it disagrees with the reasoning underlying the judgment or deems it to be wrong on the merits." Basically -- a state can't get out of upholding a law in another state simply because they don't like it.

This is absolutely what is best for the children. Unless there's abuse, kids need both parents in their lives whenever possible, regardless of whether they're gay or straight, or even if they were married or not. It suck for kids when their parents split up, even in the best of circumstances.

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Do you know how you can make a crappy situation even worse for kids going through the breakup of a home? Take away one of their parents. I know it's hard to believe sometimes that your precious angels still love and adore the person you may have come to loathe at the bitter end, but they do, and they need that person too.

These moms were a couple, and they had three children together. They cared so much about raising these kids together, as united parents, that they established residency in another state in order for the non-bio mom to legally adopt them. They were invested as parents. You don't get to undo that just because you decide you don't want to be partners anymore.

Parents are parents. Whether you become one the old-fashioned way, or through adoption, or by fertility treatments, you're a parent. I'm glad that the Supreme Court recognized that and upheld the adoption. It's a win for everyone -- especially the kids.


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