Here's What Ted Cruz Had on His Lip During the GOP Debate (PHOTOS)

Ted Cruz lipIf you watched the March 3 GOP presidential debate from Detroit, you may have noticed something about Ted Cruz. I am speaking of the Voldemort that hesitated briefly on his lip before it was sucked into his gaping maw never to be seen again (thank goodness). It was terrifying.


Not since The Dress has anything in recent pop culture history been up for this much debate. But instead of is it blue and black? or white and gold? the question is: What the hell was that creepy thing that he just ate off his own face? 

What could it have possibly been?

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1: The Soul of a Wee Newborn Babe

It's not just for breakfast anymore! 

2: Some of The Donald's Hair 

I could totally see Cruz leaning over and taking a little nibble during a commercial break. 


3: The Soul of the Secret Evil Twin That Lives in His Mouth 

Even more evil than normal Cruz-level evil. 


4: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Ted Cruz 

It's such a burden, sometimes a li'l gets away from him. 


5: Dryer Lint 

Because he needed a little snack while he was washing his delicates.

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6: Peep Residue in the Spirit of Celebrating Easter Early 

No one likes marshmallow peeps like Cruz does. 


7: Paper to Chew Up for Spitballs to Lodge at the Other Candidates 

This actually seems to be a likely scenario. 


8: Leftover Play-Doh From What He Ate During Kindergarten Class


Mmmm ... paste. 


9: The Skeleton From One of His Enemies  

Okay, this also seems likely. 


10: Kanye West 

I'mma let you finish but Ted Cruz is the worst candidate of all time! 


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