New 'EquiTable' App Splits Restaurant Bills Based on Wage Gaps -- Time to Pay Up, White Dudes

equitableIt goes without saying that you and your friends will split the bill equally when you go out to eat, but what about splitting the bill equitably? A new app, EquiTable, helps users to split restaurant bills based on gender and racial wage gaps -- meaning that for once, white men actually won't have the obvious advantage (at least not when it comes to dinner!).


The brainchild of Luna Malbroux, a San Francisco-based comedian and talk show host, EquiTable was the Grand Prize winner at the 2016 Comedy Hack Day in San Francisco, and with good reason: Not only is it completely hilarious (in a painful sort of way), but it's also actually a brilliant, potentially wage gap–closing hack, as well as a powerful conversation starter. 

"When I hear people talk about the wage gap, I mainly hear the statistics of 77 cents or 78 cents, and those numbers differ for women of color and men of color," Malbroux explained to the Huffington Post.

"So I thought a bill-splitting app would be a fun way to pull actual statistics from the Bureau of Labor and expand what we hear about the wage gap so more people are included in the conversation."

And in case anyone needs a reminder about those actual statistics, well, they most certainly prove that an app like this one is more necessity than novelty: Hispanic women make 54 percent of what white men make on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while black women make 64 percent (black men, meanwhile, make approximately 69 perfect of what white men make). What's even more depressing is the Institute of Women's Policy Research's estimation that women in America won't be paid as much as men for the same work for about another 100 years. 

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Ugh. So how will EquiTable help these underpaid diners get a fair deal on brunches in the meantime? Basically, this is how it would work if a white man named "Graham" (actually a real and super funny guy featured in the video below) tried to use the app. First, it would establish a profile:


Then, before tallying up the bill, it would determine the diversity level of your friend group (Graham's group made "college brochure" status! "Good job, Graham!").


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 Then, it would split the bill:


Sucks to be George! Now, let's say Graham took issue with having to shell out over $20 more than Luna. He could try to use the "built-in protest function," but it might not accept his excuses:



Haha, nice try, Graham! If he still wanted to protest, the app would helpfully point out all sorts of white male privilege–related statistics (including the aforementioned data about how much less women and men of color are paid). And since Graham is a good guy deep down, he'd of course agree to pay up -- at which point he would be rewarded with the option of sharing his good deed on social media! (As Malbroux put it, because "people love social recognition for being socially conscious.")


Tada! But wait! What if you don't have a diverse group of friends?? No worries -- EquiTable will add a handy surcharge to your all-white bill that will go to help underpaid women and people of color pay for their meals:


Pretty amazing, right? You can watch Malbroux break the whole thing down in completely badass fashion here:

#AffirmativeFractions. Yes!!!


Images via Cultivated Wit/YouTube

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