Dads Fight Back Against Having Their Baby’s Birth Photo Used as Anti-Gay Propaganda

gay dads newbornI can think of few actions more detestable than taking a family's beautiful private moment and subverting it for an ugly cause, but that's exactly what's going on in Europe at the moment, where politicians are using a photo of two gay fathers meeting their newborn son for the first time to promote an anti-surrogacy agenda.


The photo has been around for a while, and with good reason: The pic (of Canadian couple BJ Barone and Frank Nelson meeting their son moments after he was born via surrogate) is unbelievably gorgeous and emotional in all the right ways, which is why it went viral back when photographer Lindsay Foster first shared it back in 2014:

Words can not tell you how wonderful it was to witness this amazing moment in time. But I am VERY hopeful that these...

Posted by Lindsay Foster Photography on Saturday, June 28, 2014

So sweet, right? Sadly, since then, this photo has fallen into the wrong hands -- the hands of anti-gay politicians in Europe including Mary Fitzgibbon of Ireland, who shared it on Facebook with the caption: 

"Where does your #GE16 candidate stand in respect of #surrogacy4men #no2surrogacy"

She's also tweeted the photo with this message:

“A motherless child is the prize -- the buying of children.”

Wow. Offended yet? Wait, there's more: Over in Italy, the photo is being used on a poster branded with the logo of Fratelli d’Italia, an extreme right-wing political party with links to neo-fascism, with a message that roughly translates to: “He’ll never have the right to be called mom. Children have the right to be defended.”

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Well, that makes no sense at all, but we are talking about a group of possible neo-fascists here, so I guess we shouldn't expect much. Still, even considering the source(s) of this hate, I can't imagine what it would feel like as a parent to see a memory this sacred twisted and tainted in such a way. Understandably, dads Barone and Nelson are extremely upset -- as is Foster -- but none of them are taking this invasion of privacy lying down. Instead, they've said that they're considering taking legal action ... and I hope they do!

“They are campaigning that every child NEEDS a mother," Barone told Buzzfeed, "and they are using our picture to support their political agenda that we are denying our son Milo the right to a mother. Obviously this is a something we do not support or agree with!”

Nor should anyone! These politicians should absolutely not be allowed to get away with stealing a moment (an extremely important moment at that) from the lives of perfect strangers as a means to push their own sick, sorry beliefs on others. 

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In the meantime, at least, there are plenty of people out there showing Barone and Nelson support. Some are even tweeting directly at the politicians in question:

OMG, that hashtag should read #WeAreAnAdorableFamily! And this one, too:


It's encouraging to be reminded of the fact that there are people out there, so many people, who understand that what makes a family is love and love alone -- but it's still so unbelievably frustrating to realize that there are people out there, so many people, who may never understand this truth. 


Image via Lindsay Foster Photography/Facebook

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