Couple Receives a Big Helping of Racism With Their Pancakes

One would think that restaurant employees would have learned their lesson by now. Any time someone prints something awful or racist on a receipt, it is bound to get reported to the press or posted on Facebook for the rest of us to get furious about. 


An employee who works at an IHOP in Austin, Texas, obviously didn't realize how lame this is, because according to KEYE-TV Texas, a couple visiting an IHOP found the words "BLACK PPL" printed on the top of their receipt. And considering the couple is black, you can sort of guess what the PPL part of that means. 

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Rolman Sparkman, the recipient of this receipt, says he thinks it was code for having their food spit on, after the waiter brought up an issue with his tip.

UGH, seriously? People of any race should be able to tip however they want without having their food spat on. What I don't get about this story is why the waiter was being tipped before the couple ate, unless this was after and the couple was getting leftovers or ordering to-go.

But what Sparkman didn't understand was that their waiter, who has since apologized on Facebook saying it was a mistake, was also black. The restaurant in question, which let the waiter go following the incident, released a statement to the KEYE that read: 

This was poor judgment by a team member in a single location and is contrary to our and the franchise owner's values. The guests were offended and we are sorry for that. Everyone should feel welcome at our restaurants; the owner of this location has taken corrective action with the team member involved and re-trained the staff to prevent this from happening again.

Beyond lame. I think s**t like this just needs to stop happening. People know better, they should act better. I hope the rest of Rolman's date went better than his meal out.


Image via Maria Burmistrova/Shutterstock

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