High School Students Use 'Trump' as a Racial Slur -- Is This Making America Great Again?

Just when you think Donald Trump's presidential candidacy couldn't get any more bizarre ... a group of teenagers start using Trump's name as a racial slur. Des Moines high school students from a predominantly white area started chanting "Trump! Trump!" after a basketball loss to another school with a more racially diverse student body.


Get it? Because Trump thinks Mexicans in America are rapists. And all Muslims are terrorists. Who knows what else he thinks about other minorities? Ugh. Apparently his crazy views have become so well-known that even bratty teenagers are using his name to mock non-white students.

Some members of the mostly white Dallas Center-Grimes High basketball team recently chanted "Trump! Trump!" after losing to Perry High School, which is more racially diverse.

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Perry student Kevin Lopez claims that they've been mocked with Trump's name at least three other times this season. In a letter to the Perry Chief newspaper, he wrote, "It is a chant said to intimidate and discriminate our Latino/Hispanic students and it is a chant that is fueled by racism."

The Dallas Center-Grimes athletic director Steve Watson admitted that he knew right away that the chant was racially charged, but that privacy policies won't allow him to discuss if the dozen or so students who participated were disciplined. 

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Look, kids are dumb, and of course I believe that these boys should be disciplined in some way for insinuating that their opponents should be sent back to Mexico. But doesn't this speak to the larger issue that Donald Trump is so racist in his policies and views that even teens are picking up on it?

What the heck, man? The Donald claims he wants to "make America great again," but so far all he seems to be doing is turning himself into a tragic joke. Even teenagers think his very name is a racist insult. So much for unity.

Can this campaign please be over already?


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