Moms Are Boycotting Lands' End for Dissing Gloria Steinem & Women's Rights

Just a day after Lands' End was pressured by a bunch of hysterical pro-Lifers to scrub goddess Gloria Steinem from its spring catalog, the feminist moms have come out in equal measure to stand up for women's rights and push back just as hard. High-fives all the way around for moms willing to speak out in support for women's equality, because it's obvious the fight is far some over.


I'm sure Lands' End CEO Federica Marchionni thought featuring Gloria Steinem in the brand's spring catalog was a way for the company to show it cares about the women who choose to buy its clothes. But somehow Steinem, who has dedicated her life to expanding opportunities for women and girls, is still a controversial figure to those who are still desperately holding onto the belief that government and churches know better. Yesterday, it looked like they had won. It was a depressing development for moms like me, who not only deeply admire Steinem but want our daughters to hold onto the rights she fought so hard for.

Then a beautiful thing started to happen.

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Yep, my fellow feminist moms started coming out on the Lands' End Facebook page to say that they too were going to boycott the brand -- for caving into the demands of a few nuts who are offended by a prominent American woman who dared to demand equality and open up the world for generations of women. You could practically hear the chorus of "oh hell no!" jumping off the screen. Here's a screen capture of one such conversation, you can see more all over the Lands' End Facebook page.

Check out the response to this former Lands' End shopper who thinks that "loving family" means forfeiting control of your body. And there were plenty of other family-loving moms who wanted to let all interested parties know they were having none of it.

Besides giving the poor Lands' End customer service folks a week of work they'll never forget, this entire debate playing out among Lands' End shoppers and moms on all sides of the issue proves unequivocally that we need voices like Steinem's now more than ever.

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It's just not enough for so many anti-choice fanatics to choose not to have an abortion or access birth control themselves, they want to force the rest of us to comply with their belief system. They expect us to just accept the fact that their right to devote their lives to birthing children is more important than our right to make decisions about birth control and career and all sorts of other fundamental areas of our lives. It's ridiculous. I love children and family too. I just also love equal pay and equal access to health care. There's no chance I am going to be shamed out of those rights, or give them up for my daughter and her generation without a war.

So thank you Lands' End for featuring Steinem and offering to donate a tiny portion of your proceeds to helping women continue to fight to protect their rights. The thought was nice. And thank you to every woman brave enough to refuse to be bullied out of those rights. You've restored my faith that we're not all doomed to return to a time before Steinem and the women like her took up the cause of women's equality.


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