#ObamaAndKids Moments Will Make You Miss the President Before He's Even Left Office (PHOTOS)

Regardless of what you think about President Barack Obama's presidency, you can't deny the fact that our 44th leader sure has a way with his tiniest contingents.


The hashtag #ObamaAndKids started after an activist shared this gorgeous photo of a 3-year-old boy visiting the White House and then asked other Twitter users to share their favorite moments of Obama with kids.  

Here are eight moments when President Obama melted our hearts by interacting with his littlest supporters. 

When He Let Another Little Boy Touch His Hair 

"I want to know if my hair is just like yours" “Touch it, dude!” #ObamaAndKids

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When He Lost a Round of Rock, Paper, Scissors to a Bunch of Kids


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When He Bonded With a Baby 

... and Another Baby 

... and Even More Babies 

Taking in the Bulls/Cavs game with a couple of new friends.

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When He Was Visiting a Classroom 

When He's Just Hanging Out in the Oval Office 

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When He's Running Around Outside the Oval Office 

It's a race! #HappyNationalRunningDay #LetsMove

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I Think This Little Girl Sums Up All of Our Feelings Right About Now 

On Saturday morning just before Gymnastics, My Dranbaby found out that our President Barack Obama was no longer going to be our President!!! He has been her President all of her life and Yes her birthday is also on AUGUST 4!!!! My poor baby!!!

Posted by Caprina D Harris on Monday, February 15, 2016

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