10 Things You Never Knew About Melania Trump, Your Maybe Future FLOTUS

melania and donald trumpFor a woman who might be our next FLOTUS (!), Melania Trump keeps a relatively low profile; indeed, while many of us feel like we know a lot about Donald Trump (possibly more than we ever needed to know), we know relatively little about his wife. Sure, she's gorgeous -- and Cecily Strong does a hilarious impersonation of her on SNL -- but who is Melania Trump, really?


After all, Melania wasn't always an uber-wealthy politican's spouse. In fact, her relatively humble beginnings might surprise you!

1. Melania Knauss was born in Slovenia (then Yugoslavia) in 1970 to a fashion designer mom and a dad who owned motorcycle and car dealerships. She grew up in an "anonymous" concrete apartment building -- a far cry from Trump Tower!

2. Contrary to the assumptions of some, she's no bubbleheaded trophy wife: Melania is fluent in English, French, Slovenian, Serbian, and German and has a degree in design and architecture.

3. You knew Melania was a model before marrying The Donald and cohosting The View, but you might not know how successful she truly was. She started her modeling career at the age of 16 and has worked with such photographers as Patrick Demarchelier, Helmut Newton, and Mario Testino, appearing on the covers of magazines including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and British GQ (she's also appeared inside the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue). 

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4. Melania and Donald's romance began when they met at a party in NYC and the newly single Trump asked for her number. Melania (who is 24 years younger than Donald) said no at the time because she was with a date, but by the next year they were a couple.

5. Melania has been supporting Trump's political ambitions since before they were married; in 2000, she stood by his side when he sought the Reform Party nomination. At that point, when a reporter from the New York Times asked her what sort of First Lady she might be, she said she would be "very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy."

6. Melania, who has been very vocally supportive of Trump's stance on immigration, is herself a naturalized citizen of the USA. If Trump is elected, she would not be the first First Lady to be born in another country (that honor goes to Louisa Adams, born in England).

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7. Since marrying businessman extraordinaire Donald, Melania has become something of an entrepreneur herself, launching her QVC jewelry collection "Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry" and the skin care line "Melania™ Caviar Complexe C6."

8. She uses her means and position to do a fair amount of charity work: She was named Woman of the Year in 2006 by the Police Athletic League, was Honorary Chairwoman for The Boys' Club of New York for five consecutive years, and was awarded with the title of Goodwill Ambassador in 2005 by the American Red Cross. She also kicked off National Child Abuse Prevention month in 2008 by ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ. 

9. It's been said Melania stays out of the spotlight as much as possible to focus on raising her 9-year-old son with Donald, Barron Trump. 

10. You might expect Donald Trump's wife to be the silent supportive type out of necessity (hey, the guy talks a lot), but Melania is pretty outspoken herself. As she told Harper's Bazaar, "I have my own mind. I am my own person, and I think my husband likes that about me."

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One thing's for sure: It'll be interesting to hear more from Melania in the coming months! Sounds like she's got a lot to say (even if she's been keeping it mostly to herself so far). Hmmm, maybe Donald could learn something from his wife!


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