You May Hate Trump or Think Sanders Is Crazy, but What They're Doing for Politics Is Revolutionary

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You may not have a dog in this fight yet. Even just yesterday in the Granite State, over 40 percent of registered voters were undeclared. Sure, it's still early in the game -- we won't even know who the nominees for both parties are until mid-July -- but if you have been following politics at all recently (and the numbers show that you have been), you gotta admit, two of the front-runners are making this fight a hell of a lot more interesting. 


You may not agree with Trump or Sanders. I've heard so many insults hurdled at both these candidates, I can't even keep track anymore of who is being compared to a dictator and who is being called a crazy old man. But here's the deal: Even if you don't want to see either one of these gentlemen as our president, they are both doing something that this country has needed for a very long time, which is to shake up the Washington establishment of big money politics. 

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Both these dudes are running very similar and completely different revolutions. And I for one am loving the fact that it's televised.

A lot of others feel the same way, because the GOP debate that took place on August 6 was viewed by 24 million people. For perspective, the first GOP primary debate four years ago attracted 3.2 million viewers. Can you imagine watching a debate that only featured Clinton or Jeb Bush? I can, but I'm falling asleep just thinking about it. As sort of user-friendly as both those candidates are, they just don't make for all that exciting TV. And it's not that I expect my presidential candidates to perform or make for exciting television -- this isn't The Bachelor, for cripes' sake -- but I do think both candidates are making people care, be interested, discuss policies over the dinner table, and, most importantly, get out there and vote. 

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Both Trump and Sanders have made politics interesting again. There's a huge sense of excitement and who-knows-what-the-hell-will-happen about this election, which is precisely why I find both Trump and Sanders so fascinating. I'm not sure either one would make a good president, but I do know that either one would be unlike any president we have ever had before. And that could be exactly what this country needs right now. So every time I see one of my friends post something on Facebook about how one of these candidates is evil or crazy, I think about the alternative. And then I go take a nice long nap. 


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