Military Wants Girls to Register for the Draft: Hell, Yeah, My Daughter Can Go to War!

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Now that women are allowed to serve in the fiercest combat units in the US military, the top brass from the army and marines say it's time for girls to register for the draft when they turn 18, just like the boys. I've got a daughter and my only question is ... what took them so long?


Because if it really came down to it and our country needed defending, I'd want to send our toughest warriors. And I have not one doubt that my little girl would be among the toughest we've got.

My little girl -- her name is Laura -- might only be 5 years old, but she's a ferocious protector. She gets her back up and screams and stomps if she thinks you're being mean to her dog, unkind to her friends, or taking her toys. She's willing to fight for what she wants and what she thinks is right for as long as it takes. Admittedly, she saves her gutsiest performances for getting out of eating her vegetables at the moment, but I know she's the kind of girl who will always be willing to scrap for what she believes in. And that makes me so very proud.

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My Laura loves with the same strength. When she hugs you, you know you're intensely adored. She's loyal and brave and already an imposing force with which to be reckoned.

And I know your daughter is just the same.

Just because our girls haven't been told in the past that they'd make incredible soldiers doesn't mean they don't have every single tool they need to not just fight alongside our boys, but maybe be even better than we could have ever possibly imagined.

Our girls aren't anything like the frail little "sugar-and-spice" stuffed fluff balls they've been made out to be for so long. They're not silly or flighty. They're the opposite of that. Our girls are resilient and tenacious and mighty. I'm just going to say it. Our girls are badass. So let's stop telling them otherwise and sheltering them from the opportunity to prove their mettle.

And so, as the mother of a girl who in just 13 short years will likely have to register for the selective service, just like her father did, I think this is an amazing step in the right direction for our daughters, our military, and our country. Thank you to those army and marine corps leaders who are ready to recognize that our girls are every bit as prepared to serve their country as our boys.

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That's not to say that I wouldn't hate it and suffer every single day worrying about her safety if she were drafted. Like any parent, the prospect of my kid being sent to war is a nightmare scenario. But there's nothing about my child being a female that I can imagine would make my anxiety any different than if I had to send a son off to fight.

Let's hope we never again face a day when we need to draft any of our babies to go to war, but if it does come to that, I have no doubt my girl will be ready, able, and willing to give our enemies holy hell.

And I know your daughter will be, too.


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