Male Politician Says Moms Shouldn't Run for Office -- Yes, IRL

Senator Tom Patton

An Ohio politician seems to have missed the memo that it's 2016, not 1956. Poor guy -- he put his big ol' foot in his big ol' regressive mouth when he questioned the suitability of his opponent's campaign ... because she's a mom of young children. Seriously, dude?


"The gal that's running against me is a 30-year-old, you know, mom, mother of two infants," the Ohio Senate Majority Leader Tom Patton (R) offered up in a recent radio interview, referring to his primary opponent, Jennifer Herold.

"And I don't know if anybody explained to her we've got to spend three nights a week in Columbus," he added. "So, how does that work out for you?"

Um, let's see, how does that work out for YOU, buddy?

"I waited until I was 48 and my kids were raised, and at least adults, before we took the opportunity to try," he shared.

Well, pal, let me explain it for ya. There are many, many, MANY women on this planet who are quite capable of juggling more than one thing at once! Even, GASP!, a job and toddlers! I know -- it's totally amazing!

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Patton also referred to Herold, whose sons are 1 and 3, as a "young gal," and then, when talking about school funding issues, said, "I want to tell her, 'Hey sweetie, I just got 27 percent of the pie in just my district, which is nine times what should have been done.'"

Wow, sweetie (I can call you sweetie, right, Tom?), that's pretty amazeballs! And I'm talking about your tone-deaf misogyny, not your ability to hog your pie, or whatever it is that you're so proud of.

Despite being saddled with two young "infants" (I can tell Patton was super involved in raising his own kids, as he clearly recalls the difference between a 3-year-old and a newborn baby), Herold managed to type up a pretty epic response on her campaign Facebook page. (HOW DID SHE DO IT WITH ONLY TWO HANDS?)

Today, Jennifer Herold, Candidate for The Ohio House of Representatives-7th District, issued a statement regarding Tom...

Posted by Herold for Ohio on Thursday, January 28, 2016

To start, Herold quite efficiently points out the inappropriateness of Patton's "insulting" her intelligence by implying that she doesn't understand the requirements of the government role. 

The decision to run for State Representative is one that my family and I took very seriously when we made it. We realize the sacrifice that is involved in holding such a position.

However, Tom Patton has crossed a line by trying to turn the fact that I am a mother of two children, into a negative campaign issue. It’s insulting for my opponent to suggest that "motherhood" is a liability. In fact, my experience as a Mom is perhaps my greatest strength.

The emphasis there is mine, because DAMN RIGHT it is.

And then she got right to the heart of the matter:

I would also be remiss if I did not recognize the men who also serve while they have children at home. For example, our own Governor John Kasich has two teenage daughters. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s three children have all been born while he has been in Congress. He commutes weekly between Washington D.C. and his home in Janesville, Wisconsin.

So I ask Mr. Patton, by your logic, are you saying that 2 Vice Presidential nominees, the highest ranking woman in The House Leadership Team, our sitting Governor and Lieutenant Governor and a colleague in the Ohio Legislature are all unfit to serve? Further, are your colleagues in the Ohio Legislature, the majority whom have had young children while serving, aware of your views? Do you draw a distinction between whether that representative is a mother or a father who is serving?

You know, hopefully, if we keep pointing this out to the sexist jerks of the world -- that no one would EVER ask a male politician how he could possibly do his job and be a father -- one day, it'll sink in.

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And, finally, Herold notes this important point:

Tom, only one man in my life is allowed to call me 'sweetie.' From now on, I respectfully ask you to refer to me as Jen, Jennifer, Ms. Herold, or your opponent.


Herold is to be commended for her excellent response to this small-minded idiot. Her deftness in this matter should show the voters that she's a strong person who won't be afraid to speak her mind, advocate for what she believes in, and balance more than one thing at a time ... something moms get practice doing every. Single. Day.


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