Dudebro Posts Pic of His Wife's 'Period Outfit' -- Will Probably Never Get Laid Again (PHOTO)

A dudebro who goes by the username of Chrisflynn85 thought it would be a rad idea to post a photo to Imgur of what he says is his wife's "don't f**king touch me I'm on my period outfit." Not only did he anger a whole mess of Imgur users, but he also probably can count on his wife never wanting to let him into her bed again if she finds out about this. 


Here's the totally cozy-looking outfit in question, which has already racked up more than 2 million views: 

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I have outfits that are pretty much identical to this. I think every woman does -- and a lot of dudes do, too. Sweatpants with a worn, threadbare crotch, flannel nightshirts with an old chocolate ice cream stain, leggings with holes in them, ratty T-shirts we would never wear out in public that we've been sick in, gotten our periods in, puked in, and washed and washed over and over again until they've reached the ideal level of cozy. These are our Velveteen clothes. The clothes that make us feel better when we feel like s**t. 

People sometimes feel like garbage. When people feel like garbage, they like to wear clothes that are as comfortable as possible. But here's what our good pal Chrisflynn85 doesn't get: We wear these clothes in the comfort of our own home when we curl up in bed or flop on the sofa with the remote in hand and Jessica Jones in our Netflix queue. Our home -- where it's supposed to be safe and free of judgment and we can be allowed to feel like s**t and look like s**t. Chrisflynn85 just broke one of the golden rules of being a couple: One does not posteth thy partner's period garments on thee Interwebs for people to judge. 

I don't think the wife of Chrisflynn85 has anything to be ashamed of. But I will say this: Some of us have really great partners who look at us in outfits like this when we are at our absolute worst, feeling like garbage, hair unwashed and messy, with a runny nose or killer cramps, and these partners still want to get it on with us anyway. I hope Chrisflynn85 never gets sick, because I hope that his wife has zero sympathy for him. And, if he does, I hope she gets out her cell phone and has a little payback time. 

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