Poll Shows All the Cool Girls Are #TeamBernie

Bernie Sanders

All aboard the Bernie bus! Longtime Bernie Sanders supporters like me might now find themselves having to vie for a seat because -- get this -- the 74-year-old Democratic Socialist (guys, that's a good thing!) is actually rocking the vote among young women and racking up quite a following.


Yes, young women are #FeelinTheBern big-time.

A USA Today/Rock the Vote poll shows Sanders leading among Democratic and independent voters between the ages of 18 and 34 by a whopping 19 points ahead of "front-runner" Hillary Clinton. That's 50 percent to 31 percent leading into prime political campaign season.

While I have been on #TeamBernie since day one of the 2016 race (and I am, ahem, sadly just outside that prime demographic), the poll indicates that the younger the woman is, the more likely she is to vote in favor of Sanders. It shows that among 18- to 25-year-olds, Sanders has 57 percent of the vote, while only 36 percent among 26- to 34-year-olds. The opposite is true of support for Clinton.

Of course, these numbers are interesting because Hillary Clinton is a woman -- a pretty intelligent woman, at that -- and Bernie Sanders reminds many of us of an old grandpa. (Maybe that's why I love him ... he's an old Jewish grandpa ... from Brooklyn. Holla to my roots!) So are millennial woman simply throwing away all their feminist wishes for a woman in the White House? No. That is an unequivocal no. As someone who actually wanted to be president when I was 8 (well, the president and a ballerina -- a real first!), I will firmly say that they are simply casting their vote for someone whom they can trust.

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Bernie has never wavered on any of his principles. You might not like that he is often yelling at us, but he's "yelling" because he wants us to listen. And he wants us to know how angry he is at a system that favors so many old wealthy dudes instead of the young, energetic future leaders struggling to make the system work. When he says he's giving us a future to believe in, well, I actually believe him. And apparently, so do young women voters.

So now, actually vote when the time comes. Vote in the primaries. Vote in the general election. And, before you do, watch his latest campaign video. He's not yelling at anyone here. In fact, there's no attack in this ad at all. How can you not love him? And, yes, I did just show my age because that Simon & Garfunkel hook had me feeling all the feels. Apparently he's a hit among 35-year-old feminists, too.


 Image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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