Love, Grief, Fear & Relief: Women Share Their Abortion Stories


As we mark the 43rd anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, we are honored to share these real stories about abortions. Some women used their names, and others chose to stay anonymous, and we absolutely respect both choices, because every story of a terminated pregnancy is different -- as different as the women faced with a choice. There are no "right" reasons; there is no "right" way to feel. There is only ever a woman, her body, and her decision.


As these stories reveal, sometimes the choice is easy, and other times it's hard. Some women have no regrets, and others will always feel sad when they think about the decision they had to make. It's complex -- as complex as the human spirit, as our hearts and our guts. And that's why only we, as women, can make these choices, as is our right.

As you read through these stories, consider this statement from the Ms. Foundation for Women:

More than four decades after winning the right to legal abortion, women continue to face obstacles to accessing safe and affordable reproductive health care. States across the country have continuously made dramatic cuts in funding for women’s health centers. In addition, an ever increasing number of legislatures are enacting restrictions forcing women’s health centers to limit service or close their doors completely. In 2015, legislators across the country succeeded in passing 47 new anti-abortion laws.

The foundation adds that this lack of access caused by these restrictions "disproportionately impacts low-wage women, migrant women and in particular women of color."

The fight is far from over. Our rights are far from safeguarded. And, as you can see from reading these stories, we absolutely need that right to make our own decisions about our own bodies, our own futures, our own families.

Learn more about getting involved in fighting for your rights at the Center for Reproductive Freedom's site,


*Names have been changed

Image via Pete Marovich/Corbis

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