No Detroit Teacher or Student Should Have to Spend a Second in a School That Looks Like This (PHOTOS)

Only eight Detroit public schools were open on Thursday. The rest of the 88 Detroit public schools had been shut down due to a city-wide teacher "sick-out" in protest of deplorable classroom conditions, large classroom sizes, and issues with teachers' benefits and compensation. 


How these kids are expected to get an education in these types of circumstances is unfathomable.

There were 44,790 students who missed classes. Detroit mayor Mike Duggan called for the teachers to stop staging the "sick-out" and return to their classrooms. Teacher strikes are illegal in Michigan, but the images posted to social media show an excellent reason why the teachers protested to begin with ...

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Here is a stairwell in one school:

A ceiling in a classroom:

A cleaning supply closet:

Rat feces in a classroom:

District officials have said the public school system in Detroit could become insolvent by April ... and teachers, like Kathy Aaron (a teacher of 18 years), report three-inch-long cockroaches and water drips in the gymnasium. "We have rodents out in the middle of the day," says Aaron. "Like they're coming to class."

The current Detroit Public School emergency manager is Darnell Earley. You may recognize his name as the person who was Flint, Michigan's emergency manager when the decision was made to switch the water system to Flint River water, which has led to lead contamination in households. Emergency managers aren't elected -- they're appointed. The district filed a request for a restraining order that would legally forbid teachers from staging the "sick-out" protests. But can we really disagree with these hardworking educators? These photos make us sick, too.

Image via AFTHQ/YouTube

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