Elizabeth Banks, Dascha Polanco & Women Like Us Share Abortion Stories (VIDEOS)

Dascha Polanko Draw The Line

Why does a woman choose abortion? There are as many answers to that as there are women who've had them -- and now those stories are being shared. 


Actresses like Elizabeth Banks, Amy Brenneman, Mercedes Mason, Mary McCormack, Dascha Polanco, Retta, and Bellamy Young are lending their voices to the Center for Reproductive Rights' Draw the Line campaign. The campaign's mission is to encourage Americans to be vocal in sharing their support for a woman's right to safe and legal abortions. A right that is constantly in jeopardy.

In March of this year, the Center for Reproductive Rights is heading to the US Supreme Court for what they call "the most important reproductive rights case in almost 25 years."

According to the campaign, "The case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, will determine whether Texas can shut down nearly all abortion care providers in the state, placing countless women at risk of serious harm."

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On the site, many women share their own stories, and now, actresses share the stories of women who, for whatever reason, can't or don't want share their own. Maybe they are afraid; maybe they are ashamed; maybe, like many women who've made the tough choice to end a pregnancy, they simply need to keep their stories close to their hearts.

"I wanted a baby."

"I am a woman who trusts her own opinions."

"Being a parent should be a gift, not a punishment."

"I feared the judgment of my fellow health-care workers."

The combination of celebrities and "regular women" powerfully illustrates how complex and varied are the stories of abortions in our country. There are so many factors, so many different situations and reasons -- and though many stories are similar, no two are the same. For some women, the decisions is agonizing. And for others, it's simple -- because there are no other options.

Dascha Polanco tells Kayleigh's story:

"I've always wanted to be a mother. This was my chance."


Amber tells her own story:

"I really wanted to have a baby."

Elizabeth Banks tells Rebecca's story:

"When it comes to abortion, it can be hard to say the words."

Amy shares her experience working in a family planning clinic:

"I've seen pills fail; I've seen IUDs fail; I've seen contraceptive shots fail ..."

Suzanne tells her own story:

"I could have moved on a lot stronger and faster."

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Mercedes Mason tells Laura's story:

"What about women who don't have that lifeline?"


Actress Jemima Kirke tells her own story:

"I realized that if I didn't take the anesthesia, I would be able to afford to do this."

For more honest and moving stories -- and to add your support or share your own story -- visit drawtheline.org.


Image via Center for Reproductive Rights/YouTube

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