'Be Like Bill' & 'Be Like Emily' & Make Everyone on Facebook Be All Mad

Is there someone on your Facebook feed posting status updates that annoy you? Now you can Be Like Bill or Be Like Emily and be a real jerk to them! 


If you have a Facebook page -- and come on, who doesn't, even your grandma has Facebook -- then you may have come across these little stick figures named Bill and Emily. They're here to remind you that someone doesn't like what you are posting. Or your political beliefs. Or your grammar. Or a lot of other things about you. It's the new lame Facebook fad that has everyone posting passive-aggressive stick figures on their walls to show everyone how superior they are! 

Don't like your teen's grammar? Try this one! 

Be like Bill and don't do this

Posted by Be like Bill on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tired of your mom friends posting updates about their kids? Here ya go! 

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Are you secretly sexist but not sure how to convey this on Facebook? There's an Emily for that! 

Know someone who may be asking for reassurance from their Facebook friends? Post this on their wall instead! 

Irritating. Be like Emily, and Be like Bill.

Posted by Be like Bill on Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I assumed this sort of things was for high school kids, but I see a lot of adults posting Bill and Emily too. That's why I made this just for the people who are pretty damn tired of Bill and Emily, and who know that if something annoys them on Facebook, they can just turn off their computers. 

Image via BeLikeBill/Facebook

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