Carly Fiorina Takes a Sexist Swipe at Hillary Clinton's Marriage

Carly Fiorina's one bright spot over the GOP primary campaign was her response to Trump's sexist comment about her face. But all that girl-power goodwill evaporated last night when Fiorina took an awkward cheap shot at Hillary Clinton's marriage.


Turns out Fiorina standing amidst so much empty macho horses**t was a decent look for her. But she just couldn't resist scoring a quick applause line. And if there's one thing that grabs a GOP crowd, it's a misogynist attack on Hillary Clinton being a bad wife.

It's the most sexist attack you can lob at Hillary. Get back at home in the kitchen and take care of your man before he goes and scores another humiliating BJ from a young girl!

It's the kind of quip you'd expect to hear from a bloated tick in an overpriced suit trying to convince America he's the toughest. But to hear it from a woman -- from Fiorina -- is just unforgivable.

Why? Because Fiorina knows better than anyone else on that stage what a phony, cheap line of attack that is and that women have to be twice as tough and twice as good to compete with the Good 'Ol Boys. Is anyone questioning Chris Christie's ability to satisfy his wife at home? Nope.

Wow, didn't expect that mental image to pop up so quickly. Yikes.

Was Fiorina's marriage to blame for HP's collapse under her leadership? If she sexed up her man with just a bit more enthusiasm, would she get a boost in her embarrassingly low poll numbers? No?

You have to have mad respect for any woman who can rise to leadership positions -- and positions of national prominence. You've got to be pretty tough to stand there while a misogynist idiot like Trump takes cheap shots at the way you look.

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But it's quite another thing to be willing to attack your political opponent on something similarly unrelated to the presidency -- like questioning her affection for her husband. It's despicable, in fact. Fiorina and Hillary might not share any of the same political positions -- but they both know what it's like to be the only woman in the room, and that should count for something. Right? 

It makes me think about former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, who gave this killer quote in 2006. It applies here.

Listen, I get that Fiorina isn't working on her women's studies thesis, she's competing with Hillary to be the most powerful person in the world. Elbows will be thrown. So be it. But to attack Clinton in such a blatantly sexist way and without a coherent criticism beyond "I like to spend time with my husband" isn't just sexist, it's pointless beyond scoring a couple of guffaws from Republicans in the audience. Her lame arguments are the same reason Fiorina can't break out from the undercard debates and her candidacy likely won't survive beyond the Iowa Republican Caucus.

Too bad. It would have been nice to see a woman take a real run at the likes of Trump and Cruz. But she just didn't have what it takes to hang with the big dogs. And you know what, after all the election dust settles, Hillary would probably still be willing to give Fiorina a couple of political pointers.

After all, it's what women do. They help each other out.


Image via Fox Business/Twitter

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