Donald Trump's 'Freedom Kids' Anthem Is His Most Sexist Campaign Stunt Yet (VIDEO)

We've reached peak Donald Trump insanity, people. Today in Pensacola, Florida, three girls -- dressed like patriotic JonBenet Ramseys -- performed a bizzare song and dance routine to honor The Donald at a campaign rally. There really are no words. 


The jam is set to the tune of the appropriately old-fashioned "Over There" and features Trump's most popular applause lines:

"President Donald Trump knows how to make American great..."

"Deal from strength or get crushed every time..."

It's the kind of song you'd expect to be sung by kids living under a fascist dictator. It's creepy, and there's no way those three little girls could possibly understand what they're singing about. Right?

Which brings us to the most important question. Where are these girls' parents? Isn't there some anti-Common Core rally someplace that needs their attention? 

But here's the best part of the song:

"Enemies of freedom face the music, c'mon boys, take them down..."

Guess someone hasn't gotten the memo about women serving in the military yet. Dressing little girls in flirty little patriotic getups and having them sing and dance to Trump stump speech lines speaks volumes about how Trump -- and his fans -- view the role of women in general. Just sing and dance and look pretty and repeat the lines we tell you. No thought required. And if the going gets tough, you can cheer while the boys go and set everything straight.

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Barf. This is 2016, not 1916 -- much to the disappointment of Trump and his ilk, who really preferred having everyone in their place.

And meanwhile as they sing and dance, the audience -- all white people, natch -- clap along like zombies. It never dawns on them that what they're watching is a laughable farce. But then again, they're waiting to see Trump.

Can't wait to see what hilarity the Trump campaign serves up for us next.


 Image via Fox 10 Phoenix/YouTube

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