'I Side With' Quiz Reveals Which Presidential Candidate Best Matches Your Thinking

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It can be tricky to cut through all the BS of presidential politics to actually figure out which candidate you agree with on the issues. ISideWith.com has developed a quick, handy quiz that matches you with your ideal presidential candidate -- all hype aside. I took the quiz and was pretty shocked by the results.


Now, I follow presidential politics probably more closely than the average person -- keeping up with the presidential candidates the way other people keep up with the Kardashians.

So if you would have asked me before taking the ISideWith.com quiz which candidate I agree with most, Hillary would have been a no-brainer response.

But not so much, it turns out.

Bernie Sanders is my candidate. Not by a lot, as my results only put Sanders over Clinton by two percentage points. When it comes to the economy and foreign policy, it turns out I'm feelin' the Bern. But that wasn't the result that really got my attention. The quiz also assigns a percentage value related to how much you agree with all of the candidates -- both Dems and Republicans.

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As I scrolled down, I couldn't believe all of the areas the quiz identified where I agreed with Republican candidates. Shockingly I agree with ... gulp ... Donald Trump on 39 percent of the issues. Now that's far less than the 98 percent I share with Bernie Sanders -- but still! I even agree with Ben Carson on almost a third of the issues.

And with today's politics being guided by so many intense feelings, loud voices, and gut reactions, it's nice to take all that mess out of the equation with a handful of straight-forward questions.

That's exactly the spirit President Obama captured in his moving State of the Union speech. Our political process is drowning in wave after wave of anger and fear crashing down on anyone with an honest disagreement. The hysteria is really just a tool to motivate people to vote, but the tactic does long-term damage to the process for everyone. The product of all that whipped-up resentment is what we have in Washington, DC, right now -- complete paralysis. Because democracy needs us to disagree at first, then compromise so we can move on to the next challenge.

We've gotten really good at the first part; it's the just compromise bit we need to work on a bit more.

So take the time today and answer a few questions about the issues at stake in the 2016 elections. Take the quiz not just to find out which candidate will tell you exactly what you want to hear all the time -- but as a reminder of the things you can agree on with every single candidate.

It's a nice feeling to turn down the volume on the politics and focus on where we all might agree for a change.


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