Pedophiles Now Have Access to Child Sex Dolls? Oh Hell, No!

It's every parent's worst nightmare -- a child falling prey to a pedophile. One man thinks he might have a solution to the threat -- he makes childlike dolls for pedophiles to satisfy their urges


The man is Shin Takagi, and his Japanese company, Trottla, makes sex dolls that look like little girls for men -- like him -- who are sexually attracted to children. His argument is that being attracted to children is a "fetish" for which there is no cure, and having an outlet for those urges can keep pedophiles from harming our kids.

It's an argument only a pedophile could come up with -- that somehow indulging the fantasy of sexually assaulting a little girl will magically diminish the craving. It doesn't just sound like a sick pile of crap -- research says that sex offenders who consume pornography are more likely to re-offend, not less likely.

The other problem with Takagi's argument is that assaulting a child -- just like any sexual assault -- is a violent act, not a sexual one. It's an act of power and control. So the whole fetish argument doesn't really hold water. Giving a person with a proclivity for violent acts against children a doll on which to act out crimes could only normalize the most despicable behavior imaginable, not work as a meaningful deterrent.

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And how in the world could dehumanizing little girls -- to the point of making them lifeless dolls to have sex with -- discourage predators? Seems like a way to reinforce the lack of empathy a pedophile would need to be capable of carrying out such a horrific crime. 

Pedophiles in our society have options available to them for treatment. Cognitive therapy is one, as is "chemical castration," which takes away a pedophile's sex drive with pharmaceuticals. And treating the criminal behavior seems like far more constructive treatment than a child sex doll.

But Takagi's business keeps rolling on after more than a decade in the remote wilderness outside of Tokyo. And he says his dolls, which are purchased mostly by "men living alone," are keeping pedophiles from committing crimes. He told The Atlantic:

I often receive letters from buyers. The letters say, ‘Thanks to your dolls, I can keep from committing a crime.’ I hear statements like that from doctors, prep school teachers — even celebrities.


These disgusting dolls should fall under the same restrictions as child pornography and be made illegal immediately. Maybe now that Takagi is coming out of the shadows, law enforcement can take a closer look -- and get the list of his creepster clients ... especially those prep school teachers he mentions.


 Image via Florian Lehmuth/Flickr

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