Mother Angry Because Her Baby Is Placed With Gay Activist Foster Mom -- Seriously?!

A British mother is understandably upset that during a vacation in New York City, child protective services took custody of her baby and placed him in foster care. Now the criminal charges have been thrown out of court and she wants her baby back -- immediately.


But a family court judge has handed down an order of protection which would keep Louise Fielden's 14-month-old son in foster care while she appeals the decision and tries to convince a judge that she's a fit parent. But Fielden, a 42-year-old British police officer and a self-described "devout conservative member of the Church of England," says her son's foster mother is completely unacceptable -- because she's a LGBTQ activist whom Fielden says goes by the nickname "Queen Hag."

Now, I'm a former foster parent, so there are a few things I know to be true. First, being a foster parent is a pretty tough job. You're asked to care for a child without any parental rights and with the oversight of a veritable army of judges, social workers, lawyers, and, often, birth parents. Before a child is placed in foster care, everything about a foster parent's life is scrutinized -- from finances to home inspections and even physical exams. The people who volunteer to give so much of themselves -- regardless of their sexuality or political leanings -- to take care of children in need should be thanked for their service instead of attacked for their beliefs. 

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No one reasonably expects a parent who's lost custody of a child to appreciate the role the foster parent plays in his or her child's life. But it's worth pointing out that the liberal political leaning of "Queen Hag" should in no way disqualify her from taking care of vulnerable kids. The fact that she's taking care of a stranger's baby in need of a home is really all I need to know about her intentions and the substance of her character. 

There are lots of other details and allegations -- that Fielden left her baby alone in an NYC hotel room and placed him on the floor while she ate breakfast -- but it's going to be up to the courts to decide whether her son is in any real or immediate danger in her care.

But the child protective services system in the US is set up to give every benefit of the doubt and opportunity to parents, to reunite them with their children in foster care. So if she's been wrongly accused, there is little doubt she will be exonerated and reunited with her son. 

But in the meantime, Queen Hag should be off limits to her attacks. Fielden's beef is with the courts, not with a woman taking care of her baby. They're on the same team. Hopefully some day, when she's back with her son, she'll be able to see that the care he was provided while she couldn't was more significant than any moral disagreements the two women could ever have.


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