'The Second Shift' Helps Moms Find Flexible Work & That's Good for Everyone

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Since we've pretty much established that you can't have it all (right?), the next best thing is having most if it, most of the time (or at least some of it, sometimes?!). A new start-up, The Second Shift, is helping moms do just that -- by pairing them with freelance, part-time job opportunities. Genius ... but why stop there?


The company's founders -- two New York friends and mothers, Jenny Galluzzo and Gina Hadley -- realized the need for a company like theirs once they had their own kids, reports The Bump. As they, and their friends, stepped down from promising careers in order to take care of their children, Galluzzo and Hadley realized that part-time, flexible work could be the solution for a lot of women like them.

Ergo -- The Second Shift. So far, reports the New York Times, Second Shift has women in 45 project-based jobs. And, they report, there are 300 members and about 500 more women whose references currently are under review.

Of course, not every mom can afford not to work full-time -- and those who do work part-time often can't afford to be too choosy about what freelance projects they take on. But for the people who can make it work, a part-time job, project work, or a flex-time situation can really be the perfect solution to a life that at least sort of balances "work" and "home."

The Second Shift defines its mission as being "to address the needs of highly skilled professional women seeking flexible employment options and businesses seeking top quality on-demand talent. ..."

The emphasis there is mine -- because that's really the kicker with an idea like this. It's not just good for professional women who are also moms; it's good for companies (trust me, a mom who has a great, flexible role that allows her some modicum of work-life balance is going to bust her butt doing a superb job for that company -- she is going to make damn sure that she's an asset). And it's good for our culture, in general.

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Because it's not just moms who can benefit from an increase in flexible work options and a shift in the corporate culture mindset. Everyone can: mothers, fathers, and any working humans who aren't parents, but who still deserve and need some flexibility and work-life balance -- flexibility and work-life balance that will, in turn, make them better workers!

And the more companies that realize this, the better for us all.


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