Mom & Dad Turn to Social Media to Search for the Triplets They Gave Up 43 Years Ago

In 1972, Cynthia and Brian Bush got pregnant with triplets as teenagers, and through social and family pressure, they were forced to give them up for adoption. Forty-three years later, they're still together and have raised three more children. Now, the couple is turning to social media to try to find the babies they gave up decades ago.


Cynthia and Brian's daughter Christina Wilcox posted this message on Facebook, hoping to track down some clues to find her brothers.

Here is my new post with updated information. Please share it as much as you can. Thank you so much ❤

Posted by Christina Wilcox on Monday, 28 December 2015

They apparently kept the adoption a secret until recently, when they finally opened up to their younger children about it. Cynthia, 61, said that her parents were "appalled" by the teen pregnancy and sent her from her home in upstate New York to an aunt's house in Ashland, Kansas, for the duration of her pregnancy.

Wilcox told NBC News, "At that time, it was seen as kind of shameful for her to be pregnant at that age."

Geez, I can't even imagine how awful it must have been for them to have to give those babies up. I think it's amazing that they stayed together and had more children. I also think it's brave to start a search for them all these years later. While open adoption is a very viable parenting option these days, that wasn't always the case, and Cynthia acknowledged that there's a chance her sons don't even know they're adopted.

"I've always wondered about them," she said, and added that she's finally finding "some closure" with the search. "I've lived with this for so many years," she lamented.

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When she was 16, she was determined that the boys be kept together, and even had hospital officials put it in writing at the time of their birth. "I felt if I couldn't be with them, at least they could have each other," Cynthia explained.

They've always believed that to be the case, but they recently received some disturbing news. A nurse contacted Wilcox and told her that she distinctly remembered the boys being separated.

That must be a punch in the gut, and I really hope that they find these brothers, and even more so that they want to be found. That's why I think this is such a brave thing to do -- you hope that your babies will be raised by loving, caring families and turn into good people, but sometimes that's not the way life goes.

I'm really hoping that this is one story that ends well for everyone.


Image via Christina Wilcox/Facebook

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