Donald Trump Actually Accuses Hillary Clinton of Playing the 'Woman's Card'

Alright ladies, time to pull out our "woman's cards" and pledge the period oath to Notorious RBG. Didn't get one? Don't feel bad, they're only worth about two-thirds of what a man card is worth anyway. Now Hillary Clinton's "woman's card" has become the latest focus of the Donald Trump campaign.


Trump, in true fact-free Trump style has decided to defend his own sexism -- from "schlonged" to any number of other disgusting comments against women -- by accusing Hillary Clinton of playing the "woman's card."

In fact, Donald Trump's whole campaign narrative is focused on reaffirming to white American men that the America that was one time "great" (read: patriarchal and racist) is being destroyed with all these equal rights an opportunities just being handed out to women and minorities and *shudder* immigrants. And you know what, he's right.

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Now Trump and his cable news surrogates are trying to go after Hillary Clinton for playing the "woman's card." What is that exactly? Well apparently any time Clinton mentions that she's a woman or that women deserve equal rights or representation or respect, Trump will try and paint her as a whiny, annoying "feminist" who is totally gross and not doable at all.

See, Trump and the angry white men he represents only like their women one of two ways: as a nurturing mommy type or someone they want to stick their wiener in. That's it. Don't take my word for it, just look at the horrifying montage the Daily Show put together of all the times Trump said he wanted to have sex with his daughter, Ivanka. Ivanka really confuses him. She's beautiful, but his daughter. She's not his mommy. So the best category he can come up with for her is someone he would want to screw if she weren't his daughter. You couldn't write a sexist cautionary tale more clear cut than that.

So when Donald and his merry band of fascists start accusing Hillary of playing the "woman's card," what they mean is that a woman who isn't mommy or someone they lust after has no value here. Take your feminist ideas back to the kitchen and make Donald Trump a sandwich, Hillary! Geez.

There's only one problem with Trump's unabashed sexism -- Hillary and the women she's surrounded with and supported by have spent their lives challenging idiots like Trump and aren't about to be shamed out of assuming their roles in positions of power. It doesn't work anymore. Women aren't going to be bullied out of our Constitutionally protected healthcare or into accepting less pay for the same work. Nope. No more. Women pee and age and have thoughts that you might not agree with. That's something Trump and his supporters are just going to have to accept.

But before they do, they want one last hurrah to yell and scream and kick and throw their last fit over their monopoly on power and influence, and that's the true emotion Trump captures at his campaign stops. It's a huge tantrum. And once they all wear themselves out and go down for a nap, the grown ups can get about the business of taking on the gigantic challenges facing our country. Something those of us "woman's card" holders recognize all too easily.

Regardless of where you stand on her politics, we have Hillary to thank for a lot of that shift in attitudes. Hillary has been fighting for women's rights for decades -- and winning. In fact, this year was the 17th out the 18th year in a row Hillary Clinton was named America's "Most Admired Woman."

But all that accomplishment has come with a price. Shaking up the status quo has a tendancy to really piss people off. So the next time you hear someone accuse Hillary of playing the "woman's card" remember what that means and the card women hold that really matters -- our voter ID cards.

Here's CNN Anchor Michaela Pereira taking on the notion of Hillary's woman's card--and it's fantastic.


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