Hillary Clinton Is Every Mom When 10-Year-Old Reveals Being Bullied (VIDEO)

Hilllary Clinton Town HallThis presidential hopeful is no stranger to bullying, that's for sure. But when a little girl shared her own story of being bullied at a recent campaign event, Hillary Clinton was clearly moved, taking the girl's hand and drawing her in for a heartfelt hug.


At a town hall event in Keota, Iowa, 10-year-old Hannah Tandy stood up to ask Clinton what she planned to do about bullying. (I'm already impressed with this girl's bravery; speaking up in front of all those people -- not to mention the media -- is no little matter!)

"I have asthma and occasionally I hear people talking behind my back," Hannah shared with Clinton. Hannah then said that sometimes kids at her school don't want to be around her because of that asthma, and because she has to take medication for it.

But then Hannah quips, "People, it's not contagious!"

And then, in a clearly unscripted move, Hillary Clinton does what any mom watching that moment would want to do -- reaches out for Hannah's hand and gives her a heartfelt hug.

What a sweet, genuine gesture, showing an important side of Hillary Clinton -- that of a compassionate, caring woman. My heart just breaks thinking about sweet Hannah dealing with those nasty kids at school, and I can tell that Clinton felt exactly the same way.

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In an election season that seems to get uglier and uglier by the minute -- whether it's Donald Trump's latest disgusting remark, or a political cartoonist depicting Ted Cruz's children as monkeys -- it's so great to see something like this, whether Hillary Clinton is your choice for our next president or not.

Why? Because it's a reminder that, at the end of the day, we're all human beings, and we're looking for a leader who will represent our own best interests, and the best interests of the people we love. We should be looking for a fellow human being who can talk about issues in an intelligent way -- whether or not we have disagreements on certain points of policy or philosophy. And a leader who has a heart -- whether that's Clinton, Sanders, or any of the Republican candidates.

What else matters?


Image via My Daily News/YouTube

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