Donald Trump 'Trumpax' Parody Is Funny & Scary -- Because It's True (VIDEO)

If Donald Trump decided to launch a brand of tampons, they would undoubtedly be the most incredible, huge, phenomenal brand on the market. Oh, and they would come with a side of sexist, racist, insane rhetoric.


Laura Malone Hunt has released a hilarious parody video that does what all good satire should -- make us laugh out loud and then groan in disgust. Yes, according to the parody commercial, "Trump Wants to Make Your Vagina Great Again" with his latest launch, "Trumpax."

It's pretty genius. 

One-liners like "Your period is a loser and so are you!" are hilarious riffs on the beyond-crazy hateful crap Trump spews about everyone from Mexicans to people with "low energy."

But what isn't all that funny is the picture of the leading GOP primary candidate that all of these statements begin to paint when strung together. Trump does think that all women only care about being called "pretty" and "taken care of." Trump is a megalomaniac who wants to create a Muslim registry and calls Mexicans "rapists." And all of that is incredibly dangerous.

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Bravo to the hilarious Hunt for being able to make us laugh and, at the same time, remind us about how scary Trump really is. There are plenty of LOLs, like the part where his troll doll head is inserted into a diagram of a woman's vagina. Oh, and the part about building a wall in your uterus.

But wait until you get to the last line of the parody.

"This is how genocides start."

Yeah, that's not funny at all and neither is Trump.


Image via Laura Malone Hunt/YouTube

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