An Ex-Muslim Tells Us What it Really Means To Be a Feminist

Sarah Haider

We all consider ourselves feminists, but what would you say when an ex-Muslim atheist feels that most of America has turned their back on her? David Rubin of  Ora TV’s Rubin Report recently interviewed activist, atheist, and feminist Sarah Haider about her experiences since leaving Islam, and the current state of the religion.


Sarah urges the true liberal feminist Americans to take a stand with her. "It is very important that it is liberals who stand up for this- because we are the compassionate ones- we're the ones that really are keeping the harm of the people in place. We are not thinking about anti-Muslim bigotry, that is something that is obviously at the forefront of our minds. We know that because that's why not we're saying anything about Islam. We're afraid of this harm. It is particularly those people that need to be speaking up, that need to be making this nuanced discussion."

Dave matches Sarah's pleas for the liberal masses to let their voices be heard. "If we don't speak up, we hand the future to the people on the right." Watch the clip below to learn more about why feminism was a huge part of Sarah leaving Islam. 

Be sure to check out Dave's full length interview with Sarah to learn more about her thoughts on the current Islamic states and ISIS attacks in Paris.

What do you think about the role of feminism in religions like Islam?

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