The 411 on GMOs According To a Science Communicator

Cara Santa Maria

How much do you really know about GMOs? On a recent episode of of Ora TV’s Rubin Report, Dave Rubin sits down and speaks with science communicator Cara Santa Maria to ask the hard hitting question that's in the back of all of our minds: What are GMOs, and do we need to be concerned about them? According to Cara, GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are, simply put-- any organism in which the genes have been modified.


The thought of modifying any of the food we consume can be a little daunting, but Cara explains in this clip that there's a huge misconception about the prevalence of genetically modified foods on the market today. "The only [GMO] crops that are available are mostly big ad crops ... corn, soybeans, sugar beets, papaya. A genetically modified apple just came on the market- or is just about to, and it doesn't brown." Check out the clip below to hear Cara further explain to Dave Rubin how scientists are trying to get ahead of nature and evolution in the name of genetic modification. 

Be sure to check out Dave's full interview with Cara where you can hear her thoughts on big ideas surrounding atheism and secularism. 

What's your opinion on GMO foods? Would you feed them to your family?

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