Could More Equality for Women Lead To a More Successful Society?

Christina Hoff Sommers

We all know that women’s contribution to society is meaningful and essential. But could societies with more gender equality actually be more successful?

Dave Rubin, of Ora TV’s Rubin Report, says the answer is yes. He says, "generally speaking, where women are treated with equality, we see fairer societies with more secular values and less radicalism. This isn't a coincidence, nor is it something that should be overlooked. Actually, if anything it should be embraced. If a society treats its women fairly, it is almost always a more successful society on every other front."


In a recent episode of Rubin Report, Dave has equity feminist Christina Hoff Sommers on the show to discuss her thoughts on feminism, how it’s evolved over time, and much more. Check out the clip below with some more of Dave’s thoughts on feminism and some of the questions he wants to discuss with Christina. 

While you’re at it, you can also check out Christina speaking directly on the subject.

How do you think equal treatment of women impacts society as a whole?

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