Parents Win Back Christmas at Public School That Tried to Ban Santa

Hooray for a group of parents in Brooklyn, who protested the ban on Christmas at their kids' school and reinstated Santa to the premises. They also got back Thanksgiving and the Pledge of Allegiance, because of course a school that would ban St. Nick would ban those too.


Principal Eujin Jaela Kim had done away with the daily recitation of the Pledge, as well as replaced Thanksgiving with a "harvest festival," at PS 169 in Sunset Park. Kim became the principal in May 2014, and according to reports, the Pledge hasn't been said since the beginning of the year.

Before Santa was allowed back on campus this week, one fifth-grader told PIX 11, "We used to decorate the school with red and green and everybody used to be all joyful and now there's not really a lot of decorations or anything really on the school." Isn't that just the saddest thing? Did anyone see the Grinch roaming around?

Thankfully the parents came together to protest lack of childhood in the school, and they won. Superintendent Anita Skop came by the school Monday morning, and within minutes, two fifth-graders were reciting the Pledge over the school's loudspeaker.

PTA president Mimi Ferrer said, "I'm ecstatic that Santa can come back. Hopefully, he can make a visit to the kids in our school for our winter celebration on Thursday."

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It's one thing if the majority of the parents were against celebrating winter with Santa and other Christmas decorations, but this seems to have gone expressly against what the community wanted.

Schools need to be in partnership with parents, not actively working against them. Besides, Santa is totally secular. It's not like they wanted to add a Bible class or morning prayer to the classrooms. People like Eujin Jaela Kim should take a chill people when it comes to being politically correct. We can still be sensitive to people's beliefs without robbing our kids of Christmas.

Good for the parents working together, and welcome back Santa to PS 169!


Image via © Jennie Woodcock; Reflections

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