Mom Faces Attempted Murder Charge for Giving Herself Botched Abortion

Anna Yoca drew a hot bath and used a coat hanger to try to give herself an abortion. Now she's facing attempted murder charges. Yes, coat hanger abortions are still happening in 2015 America and it's unbelievable.


The 31-year-old was well into her second trimester -- reportedly six months along -- in September when it happened.

The baby survived, but will require medical care for the rest of his or her life. Now Yocca is sitting in jail being held on a $200,00 bond. Here's her mug shot.

Now a woman's and a helpless baby's lives are destroyed. The tragedy seems even worse when you consider how easily situations like this could be prevented with better access to health care.

It's worth noting that Yocca was too far along for a legal abortion in Tennessee -- at six months the abortion would fall under the "late-term" bans. But the reality women face today can't be denied: the caseless war on women's reproductive rights has forced us back into alleys and into bathtubs with coat hangers -- the precise instances Roe v. Wade was intended to fix. Unbelievably, more than 40 years after women's access to abortion was affirmed by the Supreme Court, we're right back where we started.

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Just recently in Tennessee, where Yocca lives, Governor Bill Haslam signed into law sweeping restrictions on women's access to health care and shut down several Tennessee reproductive health clinics.

Women have reproductive concerns, from keeping their parts healthy to preventing unwanted pregnancies. We can't continue to keep women from caring for their own reproductive health without regard to the consequences that lack of access produces -- pregnancy, missed work, STDs, and missed screenings for breast and cervical cancers. When you take away a woman's ability to care for her own reproductive life, you take away a lot more than free rubbers. You take away a woman's power over her own well-being and that of her children. And that's everything.

So why are we still fighting the same old battle for access to reproductive health care?

Yocca's actions were clearly those of a woman in terrible distress. Now she'll have to answer for those actions. But her story serves as a reminder that it doesn't make sense to obliterate the places women can trust to provide them with safe, affordable reproductive health care and wonder why women like Yocca act in desperation.

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