Fox News Teaches Kids How to Engage Active Shooters (VIDEO)

I'm not exactly shy when it comes to arguing for the right to bear arms and the right to protect yourself. But even my Republican sensibilities are cringing at this Fox and Friends segment that seems to be advocating for children to engage active shooters.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed a couple of Krav Maga experts, along with three school-aged boys, on the show Tuesday morning. The boys were asked about how the martial arts training helped them feel safer despite the threat of school violence, and the whole scene ended up raising some eyebrows.

I get what they're saying about self-defense, and yeah, I'd love for my daughters to know some martial arts and to feel strong and confident enough to use them if needed.

But if a gunman ever opens fire in their vicinity, no matter where it is, I don't want them trying to be a hero and attacking an obviously insane and likely suicidal maniac. You freaking hid, play dead, stay silent, and pray to God that there's a trained adult in the area who's carrying a weapon of his or her own.

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In other words, I'm not teaching my kids to bring a knife, or a fist, or a stapler to a gun fight. I'm teaching them that guns are serious, deadly weapons, and there are people in the world who will use them to hurt others for no reason. For that reason, we need to allow all the responsible grown-ups who want guns to have them.

Because I know if I ever hear of my child in an area where there's an active shooter, no amount of martial arts training on their part is going to make me feel better. A law-abiding citizen with a gun who's not afraid to use it to take out the shooter is going to be my hope and prayer.


Image via Fox and Friends

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