Mom's Breast Pump Throws Plane Passengers Into a Panic That She's a Terrorist

Are you kidding me? The friendly skies are apparently still safe, after a nursing mom had to show everyone her breast pump to prove that she wasn't a terrorist. Thanks, guys, we were really worried about that. Phew -- disaster averted!


Valerie Kaur is an attorney and filmmaker, MSNBC regular, a Sikh, and a mom to a baby boy. She was boarding a Delta flight in Los Angeles recently, when she pulled the tag off her carry-on bag. Totally suspicious behavior! Not.

Anyway, a man seated behind her apparently started freaking out about it, demanding to know why she removed the tag (um, because it's annoying?), and didn't care to hear her explanation.

Other passengers nearby started becoming suspicious of the pretty young mom, until an "alarmed and angered" gate agent asked her to open her bag and show her what was inside. It was her breast pump. Super scary.

Kaur wrote on Facebook, "I had to pull out the breast pump to show her. Only then was I allowed to take my seat. All the passengers in first class watched and I smiled weakly to show them I wasn’t a terrorist."

A few minutes ago, while waiting in line to board a #Delta flight home to LA, I removed the luggage tag on my carry-on....

Posted by Valarie Kaur on Wednesday, 2 December 2015

I'm just as interested in safe skies as anyone else, but this woman is just a mom, just like a million of us, and there was no reason her bag needed to be searched. What do they think happens during security?

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This makes me mad on so many levels. The mom being discriminated against supposedly because of her deep skin tone, the fear-mongering by her fellow passenger, and that it seems no one stood up for her and told everyone to calm thy selves.

It's sad that this mom went through this -- hopefully her story is good lesson to other travelers to save their suspicions for something serious.


Image via Valerie Kaur/Facebook

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