Men Hand Women Fat-Shaming Cards in Public & That's Not Even the Real Problem

Dudes on London's Underground have started randomly handing women "fat" cards. Yes, women who don't meet an arbitrary weight limit are being publicly humiliated by worthless pukes of men who want to shame them for being "too fat." How charming.


The new "fat card" trend was spotted and chronicled on social media by a London writer name Sean Thomas Knox, who witnessed a woman being handed one of these cards.

After a bit of digging he traced the cards to what looks like totally rinky-dink site titled "Overweight Haters Ltd." (And no, there's no need to link to it!)

Another woman named Kara Florish says she received one of the cards:

Because you know what a woman on a train going about her business needs? A man's opinion on how bone-able she is. So helpful.

The truth of the matter is that those women, and all women, are trained to believe that the only use we really have is servicing and pleasuring the men in our midst. Like a Mute Geisha Mommy.

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Little men who feel compelled to remind random women of the power they hold to humiliate and judge them inadequate -- well, that's nothing new. These guys may think they're being clever and edgy, but the truth is there is absolutely nothing they could write on their pitiful little cards that could possibly compare to the toxic crap women of every size and shape tell themselves every day.

These dudes aren't making some social statement, they're repeating the same tired crap the cavemen were able to grunt. So let's not give them any room to congratulate themselves or waste any time analyzing their mommy issues -- which are clearly complicated. Because it's not these men brandishing insult cards who cut the deepest. It's the messages we ourselves constantly buy into ... that we must be thinner or prettier to be deserving of love, of a mate, of respect.

We are the problem and we alone can fix it. All we gotta do is de-program ourselves to knock off the self-hate speech and keep it a bit more on the positive. But that's naturally way easier said than done, particularly in a society that's constantly reminding us there's nothing more important for a woman to be than desired by men. But we have to be strong enough to lift a proud middle finger to that type of thinking -- both in our own directions and to people like these men with their fat cards who feel better and more powerful when we feel worse and weaker.

F. That.

So the next time we start telling ourselves some version of the diatribe from the "fat shaming cards," let's just stop it already. The next time we see another woman being valued based on nothing but how hot she looks, let's bring up how completely stupid and damaging that kind of thinking can be for all of us. And let's work to build up the women and girls around us every opportunity we get.

In the meantime, if you happen to get handed one of these cards by one of these complete idiots somewhere, please consider the source, roll your eyes, and mentally pat him on the head. Because these petulant little boys lashing out just need a litttle love and understanding. And while we're at it, let's do the same for ourselves. We deserve better.



Image via Raul Lieberwirth/Flickr

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