Model Loses Thousands of Followers When She Posts These 'Ugly Selfies' (PHOTOS)

stina sanders makeup freeModel Stina Sanders has an Instagram full of gorgeous photos -- sexy bikini and lingerie shots as well. Instead of keeping in tune with well-edited, perfect Instagram pics, Stina experimented with posting real-life moments -- beyond makeup-free selfies. Stina lost thousands of followers but gained something even better.


She gained confidence. And she also gained likes -- and received more comments from women than ever before even though she lost over 13,000 followers. Some of those followers didn't want to see Stina with a chipped pedicure, removing hair from her upper lip, and that oh so private moment prior to her colonic. Stina admitted that she often used a filter or an airbrushing app when putting up her photos in the past. So her photos went from things like this:

Oh. My. God. Becky.....

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And this:

#tbt a year ago today dream team!! @ktalikowski @courtoncamera33 �

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To this, where Stina shows off her "double chin" -- I don't see it but I get having insecurities over things that aren't there. 

To her moment getting rid of her lady moustache.

De-fuzzing Monday! �

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And the moment before her colonic because she has IBS:

Oh � the IBS is bad! So it's colonic irrigation time.....

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She's striking a chord with her female followers and has even gained some since her initial follower loss. I would assume they are women, women who are engaged in what she is posting -- women who are relating and appreciate the real. She even disclosed the fact that she sees a therapist for her anxiety and depression. I think what she is doing is opening up an important dialogue -- even the people with the prettiest pictures have their own battles. Look beyond the superficial. While her topless photos only received 41 likers and one comment, her colonic one has so far gotten 721 likers and 10 commenters.

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Stina says she feels empowered by this experience of posting "ugly selfies" -- and she is empowering other as well. It's the fake people who stopped following her -- the ones who only wanted to see her half naked and in bikinis. She's better off for being real. We all are.


Image via Stina Sanders/Instagram

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