Pregnant Woman Who Dangled From a Paris Window During Attacks Finds Her Rescuer (VIDEO)

Eiffel Tower ParisIt's an incredible story of selflessness and a will to live, even in the middle of chaos and fear. A pregnant woman who dangled from a second-story window during the Paris terrorist attacks has been reunited with her rescuer, thanks to social media. 


The woman, who chooses to remain anonymous, was at the Bataclan music hall when ISIS gunmen began to open fire, ultimately murdering 89 innocent people. She must have tried to escape out the window, but ended up dangling high above the ground for over two minutes, desperately calling for help. 

"Help me! I'm pregnant," she cries in a video captured by Le Monde journalist Daniel Psenny, but it's complete chaos on the street below.

Finally, a young man, only just now identified as Sebastian, 34, emerged from his own hiding spot inside and pulled her back up and into the building.

"I held out my hands ... she said she was going to let go," Sebastian shared with French radio. "One can't watch someone die before their very eyes. There had already been too much of that."

I have to warn you, this video is really upsetting and hard to watch, so, if you're going to view it, brace yourself:


According to Today, Sebastian told French newspaper La Province that five minutes after he rescued the woman, he "felt the barrel of a Kalashnikov against my leg and a terrorist yelling, 'Get down from there. Lie on the ground.'''

It was just after that the French authorities stormed the building and ended the siege, and Sebastian and the woman he rescued lost track of each other.

After the attacks, a friend of the woman posted a tweet in French, searching for the man who saved not only her friend's life, but the life of an unborn baby. And not long after that, the friend posted again that the woman and her rescuer had been reunited.

"We've found the man who helped my friend hoist herself through the window at Bataclan," reads the tweet. "The rest of the story belongs to them. Thank you."


Matt Lauer says it best at the end of the Today show segment: "It takes my breath away."

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It really does take my breath away -- the whole nightmare situation, contrasted with the story of a hero and a human connection and an immense gratitude. And of course, of a new life waiting to begin, amid all this sorrow, darkness, and death.

Terrorists can try to snuff out all the light, but they will always fail.


Image via © Bob Krist/Corbis

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