Kids Tell Hillary Clinton Why Women Can't Be President on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (VIDEO)

jimmykimmelIf you've been holding on to the hope that the next generation will be one free of gender inequality and discrimination, well, you might want to lower your expectations a bit. Because if Jimmy Kimmel's brilliant segment last night -- which put kids in a room with presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton -- is any indication, the ongoing battle of boys vs. girls isn't going away anytime soon!


Kimmel's idea was a clever one: With all the controversy among adults about the long-overdue concept of having a female president, how would kids respond to the idea? After all, as he explained:

"Old biases are hard to shake. Our best hope for equality is our next generation. Children are our future whether they like it or not, and I wondered if they might have a more evenhanded take on this kind of discrimination. Things have changed a lot over the last 30 years."

Except not that much really, as it turned out. Because when Kimmel sat down with two little girls and two little boys to talk about the possibility of having a female president and whether or not women are equipped for the job, the conversation took a very disappointing and somewhat predictable (if still pretty cute) turn. 

"They're too girly. They'll make like girl rules," said a little boy named Jayden (who is all too easy to picture as an adult with exactly the same views). 

The other boy on the panel, Andrew, echoed Jayden's sentiments, worrying that a female president might paint the White House pink someday. (The whole time the two little girls just look like, Ugh, are these guys for real? And is this as good as it gets??)

But just when you're starting to get really, really worried about Jayden's future girlfriends, Hillary Clinton herself makes an appearance. And THEN the boys sit up and take notice (sort of): 

So now that you think a female president can get you free toys and a lifetime of no school you're into the idea, huh?? Boys.

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Hillary of course handled the situation perfectly, making those kids think a future filled with gratis goodies is possible, while subtly suggesting that perhaps skipping the whole education thing might not work out that well. That's politics, kids!! Now let's hope little Jayden and Andrew get schooled on how amazing a female president really would be, and soon!


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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