Company Gives Pregnant Employees $2,000 to Spend on Maternity Clothes

maternity office Having a baby is expensive, but you know what else is expensive? Being pregnant! To help make things easier for moms-to-be, a Utah start-up is offering a $2,000 maternity-clothing shopping spree to pregnant employees!


"When my assistant got pregnant about a year and a half ago, I saw the challenge she had finding maternity clothes that were professional and that made her feel great," Domo's founder and CEO, Josh James, tells People. "I've always believed that if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good ... We want our expectant employees to be able to treat themselves, and buy clothes that make them feel great."

WOW! This guy really gets it!

The company gives expectant employees gift cards to Nordstrom, A Pea In the Pod, and, totalling $2,000. I can't even imagine having $2,000 to spend all at once on clothes -- maternity or not!

Seriously, what a truly awesome program. My own daughter is 12 years old now, but even all these years later, I still vividly recall how much I grew to hate my few pieces of maternity clothing. I can picture them in my head so clearly! We didn't have much money, and I really felt like I couldn't splurge on many new clothes that would only fit me for a short time. (Ha -- they fit me longer than I thought they would!)

I loved being pregnant. But, especially in those last few months, when my body felt so alien and cumbersome, and my face looked so full and strange ... having some really nice, new maternity clothes would have made me feel so good. I actually still have a beautiful scarf that my best friend sent me while I was pregnant. I wore it all the time, because it was lovely -- and it FIT!

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Look, I know that no clothing allowance is more important than reasonable, paid family leave -- and that's something that has to happen on a national level. But a gesture like this makes a big statement: that this company values its employees, while it values their family lives as well. And, yes, they do offer paid maternity leave and a $1,000 "baby bonus" once the little bundle of joy arrives. I hope more companies will get inspired by this!


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