These Designer T-Shirts Just Make Women Feel Bad for Eating

moschino fat-shaming t-shirtsSo the point of fashion is -- what? To make us hate ourselves? To make other people feel slobby and shamed? If you guessed "yes" to both of these questions, then you would be ... correct! That is, according to three new horrendous food-shaming T-shirts from Moschino.


Cosmopolitan alerted us to these crazy-bad new T-shirts from the Italian luxury brand. And by "crazy-bad," we don't mean "so awful, we secretly love them!" We mean these shirts are jaw-droppingly insensitive.

Does anyone need to wear a giant, shapeless shirt that screams "100% FAT FREE" in balloony red letters? (Um, no.) And the same goes for shirts that show the calorie counts of foods and how much you need to exercise to work them off.

Shouldn't fashion be about staking a claim on your identity? Elevating yourself? Having FUN? No one should try to dress as a PSA about healthy diets. 

And who wants to walk down the street knowing that the message on his or her T-shirt is probably kinda most likely making others feel ashamed about their size?

To add insult to injury, each shirt will set you back about $130.

Can we declare these "mean girl" T-shirts? Because we're pretty sure they have all the traits, from smugness to lack of empathy.

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Weirdly, Today has an online poll up asking people to, um, weigh in on whether they find the shirts offensive. So far, just over half of people have said ... no. Which we find kinda incomprehensible.

"It's just a T-shirt!" someone commented on Twitter. But we're not sure what that person means. Does fat-shaming only come in the form of a billboard? A headline on a website? A screamed comment on a public street?

We're pretty sure a T-shirt can be fat-shaming, too.

Others are also expressing their outrage on social media, as you can see.



 Oh, if only we could make the fat-shaming stop.


Image via Cosmopolitan/Twitter; Shopbop

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