'Fox & Friends' Asks 3 Dads to Shamelessly Judge Women in Leggings (VIDEO)

fox leggingsWhat's the most controversial article of clothing nowadays? Leggings, without a doubt -- the controversy being whether or not it's okay to wear the workout/loungewear staple as actual pants. It's apparently a particularly vexing dilemma for dads, or so Fox News believes ... which is why they asked a panel of fathers to judge whether or not the leggings worn by actual women were "appropriate" enough for their daughters. 


The segment was inspired by a new viral video called "Leggings Ain't Pants" by Tennessee woman Jamie Higdon Randolph. In case you haven't seen it, here it is (spoiler alert: Randolph does not consider leggings to be actual pants).

Leggings ain't pants.....#leggingsaintpants#psa #publicserviceannouncement #jamiespsa

Posted by Jamie Higdon Randolph on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hahaha, we get it. Leggings ain't pants. (Except there are lots of different types of leggings and plenty of them make just fine pants, but that's just my opinion. Anyway.) A sort of funny video, sure, but worth building an entire news segment around in which the original not-that-funny joke gets twisted into a vehicle for overt body-shaming? Uh, yup. So of course Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends asked his dad pals Willie Robertson (from Duck Dynasty), Arthur Aidala (Fox legal analyst), and Andrew Sansone (husband of Fox’s Julie Banderas) to come on his show and stare at three women wearing leggings. Oh yeah, and to decide if their looks were too slutty for their own daughters (the slutty part was never actually said, but certainly implied). Watch and cringe:

Wow, those were some valuable insights there, Duck Dynasty guy. Predictably, this was an embarrassment, and not even an entertaining one -- what you just watched was a sad attempt to both cash in on the viral video of the moment and to show off some women in tight pants at the same time (while making them feel bad about themselves -- bonus!).

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But the real issue with this clip is the severely backwards message it sends to girls: that men have the right (and duty?) to decide whether what women  -- even women they're not related to -- are wearing is appropriate, and that women are expected (and obligated?) to offer themselves up willingly for critique. My heart goes out to the poor, leggings-clad women involved in this segment. I can't even imagine how they got talked into participating, but I'm sure the experience ended up being much worse than it sounded. Yeah, so just walk out in your leggings and everybody will say you look great! No big deal!

Please, ladies, if you like leggings, wear them. Maybe not to a funeral or to work. But wear them. It's not inappropriate. It's clothing.



Image via Media Matters

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